Saturday, April 18, 2009

I checked my kids' blogs today and see how behind I am already. I want to write about all the things I read in their blogs. That would be silly! They already wrote those words. I must think outside the box!
I am praying about which way the Lord would have me take this. Should I confess all my mistakes so that a reader who happened to stumble upon these words can learn from my mistakes? Should I write about my triumphs? All of this is fair game, I suppose...but, what all am I willing to share publicly? I keep a journal for me and God. Isn't that something that should be just for me and God? Then, could learn from my mistakes and my triumphs. God has been there through it all, so why not share what He's taught me? I will furthur contemplate these matters, as I pray for God's will.

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